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Sangrand 2023 Hindu Calendar

Devotes are finding Sangrand 2023 List? If yes and you did not get anywhere on the internet don’t worry we will solve your query with the help of the article. Here we have discussed the Sangrand Dates for the year 2023 and also we provided a PDF file. Read the below content till the end to get a direct download link to the PDF file and check more details we have mentioned below.

Sangrand 2023 List in Punjabi (Nanakshahi Samvat Date)

According to Hindu Calendar or Indian Traditional Calendar, the first day of the month is called Sangrand (Sankrant) and its also spelled as Sangram. Mainly in India and Nepal, the Vikram Samvat calendar is used so the first day of every month is Sankrant. in Sikh communities the Nanakshahi Calendar 2023 is taken over by Vikram Samvat calendar. Nanakshahi Sangrands Dates 2023 is starting from the first month of January. According to Indian astronomy when the sun moves from one zodiac sign to another, that day is celebrated as Sankranti (Sangrand).

In Hindu Calendar 2023 there are total 12 months, below we have listed all mothe Sangrand Date and its name. The first sanrang of 2023 year is on 14th Jnauary 2023 which name is Makara Sankranti.

Sangrand Dates 2023 List

MonthDateSankranti Name
Sangrand January 202314th January 2023Makara Sankranti
Sangrand February 202313th February 2023Kumbha Sankranti
Sangrand March 202315th March 2023Meena Sankranti
Sangrand April 202314th April 2023Mesha Sankranti
Sangrand May 202315th May 2023Vrishabha Sankranthi
Sangrand June 202315th June 2023Mithuna Sankranti
Sangrand July 202316th July 2023Karka Sankranti
Sangrand August 202317th August 2023Simha Sankranti
Sangrand September 202317th SeptemberKanya Sankranti
Sangrand October 202318th October 2023Tula Sankranti
Sangrand November 202317th November 2023Vrishchika Sankranti
Sangrand December 202316th December 2023Dhanu Sankranti

Sankranti Kab Hai 2023

Makar Sankranti is one of the most important among of all 12 monthe sankarnti of the year in Hindus but all 12 sangrand are celebrated equally in Sikhism in all Gurudwras around the world. In 2023 year the Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on 14th January 2023, Saturady.

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